2022/2023 Winter Semester

Currently, all courses are planned as in-person courses.

Lecture on the biological basis of perception and action.
Introduction lecture on the biological basis of our psychological processes


  • Schandry – Biologische Psychologie, 4. Auflage, Beltz

Kolloquium Psychology of Emotions
In this meeting, we discuss current research at the lab and present ideas for Bachelors' and Masters' theses.


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  • Open Science Tools Ltd (2022). PsychoPy – Psychology software for Python. https://www.psychopy.org/PsychoPyManual.pdf


Master-Seminar Data Science
We will discuss the data science from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience. We will learn the basic concepts of neuroscience, and the different approachtes to analyze neuroscientific data. We will also discuss posibilities and limits of current data-driven cognitive neuroscience.


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