2018 Summer Semester

Parallel to the lecture, there will be 5 seminar groups: 4 groups "Functional Neuroanatomy" (weekly seminars) and 1 group "Fundamental Issues" (2 weekend blocks)

Lecture Biological Psychology


In the lecture „Biological Psychology“, we will discuss the biological and neural basis of perception, behavior and consciousness. By combining examples from current research and textbook knowledge, the lecture aims to provide an understanding for the interplay between cellular and cognitive processes. Links to General Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology will exemplify common research questions and methods.



  • Schandry – Biologische Psychologie, 4. Auflage, Beltz


Seminar Functional Neuroanatomy


In the seminar “functional neuroanatomy”, the organization and function of the human nervous system will be in focus. Basic functional principles and the relationship between cellular processes, functional organization and perception will be discussed based on selected structures and functions. Moreover, research methods in biological psychology will be presented. The seminar may be held in English. To enroll, it is mandatory to have successfully attended Psy_B4.



  • Schandry – Biologische Psychologie, 4. Auflage, Beltz
  • Kandel – Principles of Neural Science, 5. Auflage, McGraw-Hill


Seminar Fundamental Issues in Cognitive Neuroscience and Biological Psychology


In this seminar, we will discuss methodological, statistical and philosophical issues at the intersection of neuroscience and psychology. Starting with an overview of different neuroimaging modalities (fMRI, M/EEG), we will move on to discuss method-specific pitfalls and questions of data visualization. We will touch on the mind-body problem and talk about how it relates to explanation in cognitive neuroscience. We will also look at the recent replication crisis in psychology and possible ways to amend this crisis.

Presentations in this seminar will be given in English, unless otherwise arranged. Presentations in English, unless otherwise arranged. It is mandatory to have attended Psy_B4.