2018/2019 Winter Semester

Seminar Functional Neuroanatomy


In the seminar “functional neuroanatomy”, the organization and function of the human nervous system will be in focus. Basic functional principles and the relationship between cellular processes, functional organization and perception will be discussed based on selected structures and functions. Moreover, research methods in biological psychology will be presented. The seminar may be held in English. To enroll, it is mandatory to have successfully attended Psy_B4.




  • Schandry – Biologische Psychologie, 4. Auflage, Beltz
  • Kandel – Principles of Neural Science, 5. Auflage, McGraw-Hill



Advanced Research: Neuronal Oscillations


In this seminar, we will examine the phenomenon of neural oscillations. In doing so, we will cover neuroscientific methods, physiologiocal mechanisms and the role of neural oscillations for perception, action and cognition. Using the book "Rhythms of the Brain" as well as current research, we will cover the role of rhythmic processes.



  • Buzsaki – Rhythms of the Brain, Oxford University Press, U.S.A.