It is possible to write theses within the scope of our research topics (see and

If you are interested in writing your thesis at the Biological Psychology, we assume an interest in our research topics. Furthermore, we expect skills and qualifications, which you should have obtained in your studies. These include basic skills in statistics, scientific methods, ethics and scientific writing. Prior knowledge in working with R, Matlab or Python is helpful, but the willingness to learn these tools is essential. The goal of all theses should be the preparation of a scientific publication (see for example and



The main focus of our research is multisensory perception. Therein, we use bistable perception of multisensory stimuli to gain knowledge on the mechanisms underlying multisensory integration. In addition, it is possible to do research on visual or auditory perception. Therein, we use visual or auditory stimuli close to the perceptual threshold to gain knowledge on the influence of cognitive processes.


In the following, you can find a broad overview on possible topics for theses. For further details or if you are interested in our research, please come to my office hours (


  • Cognitive Load

  • Emotional visual Stimuli

  • Emotional auditory Stimuli

  • Selective Attention

  • Entrainment